All Natural Coconut Salve For Healing Bed Sores, Rashes, Dry Skin, etc.


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Combining 5,000 years of herbal tradition with ultra modern manufacturing, Always Be Healthy has produced the best herbal products on the market today.
Proprietary blend of coconut, almond, tea tree, and olive oils, vitamins A and E, natural beeswax, shea butter, and zinc oxide
All Purpose Healing Salve All Natural – 4 Oz. – Heals Everything! – Bed Sores, Diabetic Skin Problems, Rashes, Infections, Diaper Rash.
Coconut Salve is the brain child of a pharmacist and our organic chemist. It was designed to help make skin healthier and it has been used on burns, skin ulcers, cuts, skin fissures, dry skin, bed sores, scratches, scrapes and a number of other skin maladies. Customers have recorded great success using our Coconut Salve. The natural oils assist healing by bringing topical nutrients and moisture to the skin.


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