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Skin Care Products and Herbal Supplements

Combining  5,000 years of native herbal tradition with ultra-modern research and manufacturing,  RAD Health Labs, LLC  offers herbal supplements and skin care products that will change your life. We specialize in contract manufacturing and private labeling of capsules, powders, creams, lotions and gels. Our proprietary formulations include products for cardiovascular, mental, prostate and sexual health as well as a complete line of skin care moisturizers and anti-wrinkle creams. Pricing is very competitive and deliveries are excellent. We have a product minimum of 500 units private label.

We currently supply products to several direct response companies. We understand the market and would appreciate the opportunity to manufacture for you, either by private labeling our products or contract manufacturing your own formulations. Please contact us by return email at or call 682-716-1931

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Products We Can Manufacture

We can manufacture and attach your label to these or any other custom products you can sell.


Facial   Products

• Anti Aging Products 

• Face Masks 

• Facial Cleansers 

• Facial Peels 

• Eye Creams 

• Eye Gel 

• Eye Makeup Removers 

• Facial Scrubs 

• Facial Toners 

• Fading Creams 

• Face Scrubs 

Foot   Products

• Foot Scrubs 

• Foot Soaks 

• Foot Spray 

• Foot Lotions 

• Pumice Scrubs 

• Salt Scrubs 

Body   Products

• All Purpose Creams 

• Body Lotion 

• Leg Creams 

• Leg Gels 

• Body Creams 

• Body Oil 

• Body Scrubs 

• Body Splashes 

• Body Sprays 

• Body Washes 

• Body Gels 

• Hand Lotions 

• Hand Cream 

• Lotions for Legs 

• Creams for Legs 

• Moisturizers 

Specialty   Products

• Men's Products 

• Skin Blemish products 

• Suncare Products 

• Aloe Vera Formulations 

• After Sun Products 

• Botanical Formulations 

• Cooling Gels 

• Aromatherapy Products 

• Anti-Oxidant Products 

• Pet Products 

Hair   Care

• Hair Conditioners 

• Hair Dressings 

• Hair Relaxers 

• Hair Spray 

• Hair Shampoos 

Bath   Products

• Bath Creams 

• Bubble Baths 

• Bath Soaks 

• Shower Washes 

• Bath Oils 

• Bath Salts 

• Bath Tonics 

• Bath Foamers 

• After Bath Products 

• Mineral Baths 

Spa   Products

• Muds 

• Muscle Rubs 

• Muscle Soaks 

• Nail & Cuticle Creams 

• Serums 

• Shampoos 

• Shave Gels 

• Soaps 

• Astringents 

• Specialty Creams 

• Masks 

• Massage Creams 

• Massage Lotions 

• Massage Oils 

• Moisturizing Creams 

• Moisturizers